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Access to and use of our website presupposes the acceptance of the following terms of use:

Our website millyandmolly.gr is the website of the company "Kosmatos Andreas & SIA E.E" with the distinctive title "Milly & Molly", number GEMI: 35846016000 and TIN 998436455 of the 3rd Tax Office of Patras, which is based in Patras, at Patreos 23, and has as object the retail sale of children's clothes and related items (hereinafter "the company"). Our contact details are:
Our contact details are:
Tel.- Fax. : +302610623331
Email : millyandmollyshop@gmail.com

terms and conditions

The use of our website and the realization of purchases through it is governed by the present terms and conditions, as they apply from time to time, at any time. These terms constitute the contract drawn up between our company and you, our customers. By filling out the new user registration form and its application, you unconditionally accept that you know the terms and conditions regarding the conclusion of transactions with our company, as well as that they are subject and governed by the terms and conditions communicated to you on the website only. , as they apply at the time the contract between us is concluded.

The company reserves the right to modify the terms of use and any other rules governing the use of the online store website at its sole discretion. The terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, so it is recommended that our customer check them to be aware of their content. Any use of the website following such change or modification will be deemed your acceptance of such changes, modifications, additions or deletions. The terms and conditions may not be modified or changed without the written consent of the company. The applicable terms and conditions are those in force at the time you use our website or place your order. They have been drafted and interpreted in accordance with the applicable legal order and therefore, any dispute that arises regarding their interpretation is regulated by Greek law. In case of violation of these terms of use, the company may seek compensation for any positive or negative damage. Failure to exercise its rights under these terms does not imply a waiver of its rights.

In order to sign a contract with our company, you must be an adult, ie you must have reached the age of 18 , according to the current law. By accepting the applicable terms and conditions and registering as a user, you declare at the same time that you are able to trade with our company and you are at least 18 years old. In case of non-assistance to you in the person of the above age, we urge you not to trade with us, in order to avoid legal disputes, otherwise the rights provided by law apply to our company, reserving all its right to sue those who have custody and supervision of minors, falsely presented as adults and business with the company

Browsing our website and searching for products can take place by anyone interested, without the need to disclose their personal information. Simply browsing our website and searching for any of the products and goods on display does not necessarily mean buying them. Any visitor of our website can become a user. Purchases of products and goods displayed on our website can only be made if you become a user. Your registration on our website as a user does not imply any charge or commitment on your part. The process of registering a new user is on our home page, where in the relevant field you fill in the relevant form, submitting honestly and voluntarily the data - data requested by us. The honest submission of the data requested by our company tends exclusively to the processing of orders, to your best service and are protected by us. The information provided by the users is used by our company, in order for our customers to have contact with our online store, to be provided with answers to any questions, so that their order is executed immediately and efficiently. You must not use the forms to send orders without serious intent or to present false information belonging to other users or to use fake e-mail or counterfeit the information of any other person, registered user or not of this website or an employee of our company, and generally use the website for any unlawful or illegal or unconventional purpose , otherwise our business rights are created against you by law.

Each product and good displayed on the website presents its price, its available quantity and its essential characteristics. The prices of the products and goods exhibited on our website for the entire period they are exposed to it include VAT - if they are subject to it. Shipping costs are not included in the listed price, which, however, are presented in a special section and are analyzed in the order form before its completion.

The user of our website can make purchases of products and goods exhibited on it with a simple process. After selecting a product, fill in the relevant information above, select the payment method and then complete the order, sending it to our company. When filling in the order form, your name, address, postal code, e-mail address, mobile and / or landline phone, how to pay for the order, how to send - delivery, and if an invoice is requested with the required tax information. By filling in the relevant form, you provide your explicit consent, so that you become a customer of our company and your order is executed. Our company can archive the given orders and their course until their execution, in order to upgrade its services and to be able to check if any new order from a customer / user is sincere and / or serious. Our company does not provide to any other natural or legal person (private or public law) the data of its customers / users. Disclosure of data can only take place if required by law, court decision, prosecutorial order or in order to secure its rights arising from the given and executed by the order or in order to ensure the protection of the personal safety of its users in case of urgency. Before making the purchase, it is recommended to cross-check and confirm the purchase of the products desired by the user, in order to check for any incorrect choices or unwanted choices, through the existence of an electronic basket. The company may request additional information for the execution of the given order, if it deems it necessary. The company may, if it deems appropriate, in view of the order given by the user, using the provided data, identify the customer and confirm by telephone and within a reasonable time, by any appropriate means (by phone or by e-mail) that the order is honest and given with serious intent by the user, identifying any errors.

Once you complete and send your order, delivery and execution may take up to 1-3 days, depending on the volume of products to be delivered and the availability of transport service, and the distance to the place of receipt products in relation to the headquarters of our company.

You can check the status of your order by calling our company. In case of stock shortages, we will contact you within one business day, either by phone or by e-mail, and we will offer you another similar, of the same quality, product, or we will agree with you to extend the execution of the order until our supply with the ordered product or we will cancel the order in part or in whole.

The company is not responsible for any delays in the valid transport - delivery of the products by the cooperating transport companies. These events are considered and agreed not to fall within its control and sphere of influence. She is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the products which is due to the fault of the transport companies cooperating with it, or to events of force majeure, or accident. In the latter case it is agreed that he is entitled to an extension of the execution time of the order. Indicatively reported are delays caused by strikes, terrorist acts, mechanical damage, natural disasters. Our company acts and will act in the right direction to eliminate any problem in a reasonable time, in order to execute the order, as long as this does not impose an additional burden on our customer and on her. Concluded contracts, the execution of which is hindered for a period of more than one month, can be terminated without compensation.

The company accepts payments through cash on delivery (cash or card), bank transfer (to our accounts at Piraeus and Eurobank banks), debit - credit cards and cash at its headquarters. All debit-credit cards are accepted for use and payment at our headquarters. Accepted cards for payment through the e-shop are Visa, MasterCard and Electron Visa. The execution of the orders in case of a bank transfer takes place after the deposit of the price is confirmed in the given accounts of our company. Execution of orders in case of cash on delivery is done by payment (cash or debit - credit card) to the employee of the postal company that cooperates with us. The shipment of the order will include the relevant receipt or invoice shipment slip.

According to the current law, the customer of our company has the right to withdraw and can within fourteen (14) days cancel the order, returning the products in their original condition and requesting a refund of the amount paid. Our online store must refund the money paid for the purchase of the product including the initial shipping costs. & Nbsp; Returns of orders are accepted only if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in received, without stains, signs of wear, accompanied by the retail sales receipt or the invoice. All products must have the manufacturer's labels and tags they had at the time of purchase as well as the packaging that came with them. & Nbsp;

The company makes every effort to ensure that your personal information (address, credit card number, account number, etc.) is not compromised or read by unauthorized persons. We guarantee that the company does not have access to your bank details, we do not store information about your bank or credit card. Please enter your payment details in every order you place.

Our company is not responsible for any damage to your computer equipment caused by viruses, worms, spyware, or the like during the connection to our website. Please make sure you have an anti-virus program, firewalls and other computer protection programs up to date. The company & nbsp; We are not responsible for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) suffered by our customer or user whose credit card is used illegally or used in an unauthorized manner.

All content on our website, including texts, drawings, graphs, interfaces or codes, and all agreements relating to them (excluding copyrights and third party trademarks) are the copyright of the company and should not be copied , is used, published and disseminated in any way by any person, without prior written permission from our company. It is not allowed to create and / or publish a database that contains parts of our website without the explicit prior consent of our company.

In any dispute regarding the execution, application or interpretation of this and in general the transactions that are drawn up under these terms between users / customers and our company, the applicable law is defined as Greek. The Greek courts have jurisdiction to resolve the above disputes.

For any clarification or complaint regarding our products and services you can contact us by calling daily (09.00 to 14.00) at tel. +302610 623331, or by sending an e-mail to : millyandmollyshop@gmail.com.

We are close to you with a great willingness to serve you.



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